Once upon a time, there lived an old man. He went to a mountain to gather
firewood. Stopping to rest, the old man was eating rice cakes when there appeared a
mouse. He gave a rice cake to the mouse.
Very much delighted, the mouse invited the old man to its house (paradise) and
offered him a feast. On leaving its house, the old man was given treasures.
This story sounded very good to another old man living next door. This greedy old
man also wanted to be given similar treasures. As had been the case with his neighbor, the
old man was taken to the mouse's house and offered a feast.
But this greedy old man who wanted the entire treasure did something that mice
don't like — mewing. Scared, the mouse ran away. All of a sudden, the treasures he had
received and the mouse's home disappeared. The old man found himself alone in a crater.

— Text from Ministry of Posts and Communications


Date of issue:April 15,1975
Denomination: 3 kinds of 20 yen
Design: (A) Encounter
(B) To Paradise
(C) Entertainment
Size of impression: 35.5mm x 25mm
Printing process:photogravure
Sheet composition: 20 (5x4) stamps
Designer: Gisuke KUROSAKI
Arranged by:Minoru HISANO
(B) (C)

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