Once upon a time, two good and bad old men, each having a wen on the cheek, were
living in neigh boring houses.
The good old man went up a mountain, where he was caught in a shower. While taking
shelter in a cave from rain, demons came out and started dancing.
The good old man joined them. Satisfied, the demons asked him to come again the
following morning and said they would keep his wen until his next visit.
This episode excited the envy of the bad old man living next door. He climbed the
mountain and joined the demons in their dance. Irked at his poor performance, the demons
put the good old man's wen to the cheek of the bad old man, so that he then had two wens
one on either sides.

— Text from Ministry of Posts and Communications


Date of issue:September 9,1974
Denomination: 3 kinds of 20 yen
Design: (A) Entrance gate to a shrine
(B) Dancing
(C) Two wens
Size of impression: 35.5mm x 25mm
Printing process:photogravure
Sheet composition: 20 (5x4) stamps
Designer: Tamako KATAOKA
Arranged by:Takashi SHIMIZU
(B) (C)

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