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A collection of weapons , armor , items , from medieval literature, and fantasy fiction.

Fantasy / Mediaeval Lore

MODERN WORLD - surveys of poetical works

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Christianity/Hagiography   |   ♠ Charlemagne   |  
& English Romances   |  
§Celtic: Arthurian   |   Irish lore   |   Welsh material   |  
§Norse & Germanic: Anglo-Saxon (3)   |   Edda&Saga   |  
Danish ballad   |   German Heroic Legends   |   Faroese   |
§The Orient: Arabica & Persia   |   Japan   |  

Anglo-Saxon works

  • thumbn of Franks Casket WaylandFranks Casket Runes: Explained
    Deciphering the Anglo-Saxon runic text on the front panel, and commentary on the Wayland carving.
  • Peterhouse fragment of Wade's Tale (13th c. English) (new 060424)
  • Liège MS. depicting Wotan & English Kings (13th c. English)


  • Edward Lane's Arabic Society in the Middle Ages, selections.

    The portions referring to the demon "Nesnás" (pp.44-6 of Ch.2) and the cosmic bull "kuyuta" (Ch. 5) are excerpted. These are both "imaginary beings" listed in Borges' book.

    Charlemagne Legend

    Song of Roland Items List
    / no frames

    Text excerpts pertaining to swords, horses, etc. of the poem. Additional material from some of the other works in the Charlemagne Cycle.
    Mosaic of Charlemagne receiving green flag from pope (Lateran, Rome) [04.09.26]
    Orlando "Durindarda" statue (ca. 1139 Cathedral of Verona, Italy) [04.09.26] (updated)

  • Nota Emilianense , tantalizing brief Latin summary of the Roland romance (ca. 1070 Spain)

    Christian / Hagiography

  • Latin prayer-song of protection against Normans (9th c. France)

    Danish Ballads

  • from Danmarks gamle fokeviser, ed. Sven Grundtvig et al.
    DgF I - TOC, DgF II - TOC, DgF III - TOC
    I've merely uploaded the Table of Contents, and for Vol. III, it is only partial.
    I did upload DgF70, Ungen Svejdal (06.04.24) (Danish text) in full.

  • A Book of Danish Ballads,
    Axel Olrik, ed., E. M. Smith-Dampier, tr.
    Selected ballads: WARRIOR BALLADS AND BALLADS OF MAGIC" section of this book.
  • The Songs of Scandinavia,
    George Borrow's Works, Vol. 7 - 8
    An html Table of Contents for Vol. 7 & 8, plus a selection his translations (mostly Danish ballads). Borrow's only Faroese example, "The Lay of Skrymnir" (06.06.08) is now available online.

    English Romances

  • Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances (1805),
    George Ellis.

      These are digests with excerpts on English metrical romances. From volume two, I've uploaded Sir Bevis which is the source of the sword Aroundight and Sir Otuel, the source of Corrouge.. (url corrected 06.01.02)

    Edda & Sagas

  • NORSE TEXT LINKS [zip] [zipped 06.06.07]
    (current count:100+ links, version 06/06/07)

    The emphasis is on places where primary sources etc. and language resources can be found.

  • Saga Index

    The emphasis is on places where primary sources etc. and language resources can be found.

  • Kershaw's book of saga and ballad translations,
    (partially transcribed, e.g. English translation of the saga of Hervor and Heithrek (the sword Tyrfingr).

    Kershaw's base text in Icelandic, Hervarar saga ed. N.M. Petersen for the Nord. Lit. Samfund has now been fully transcribed.

    Faroese Ballads

    Faroese Ballads Index
  • Ormurin langi (06.04.24)
    (partial; verses recorded by artists Týr w/ translation).

    Dietrich/Thidrek Cycle & German Hero-Epics   

  • Runkelstein triads mural inscriptions (14th c. Italian Tirol)(06.09.23)
    The Heroic Saga-Cycle of Dietrich von Berne

    by F.E. Sandbach (1906).

    Get a feel on the German Heldenepos(hero-epics) from this survey on the Dietrich cycle romances.

    thumbnail of Nibelungen map Nibelungen clickable map
  • A clickable map of towns that appear here.

    Irish Cycles

    Four Jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann
    Already available online but added Vernam Hull's footnotes and glossed words.
    Book of Invasions (Sect. VII Tuatha De Danann) extracts. Emphasis on the Four Jewels, the Sons of Tuireann, and Second Battle of Mag Tuiread.

    Welsh material

    Thirteen Hallows of Britain
    E-texted the Welsh text of the "Thirteen Hallows" given in Charlotte Guest's notes to Mabinogi tale of Kilhwfch and Owain, side by side with her English rendition.

    Anthology of Japanese Poetry

  • J. Poets - roster of modern poets and their works.
    * Added a couple poems by Takamura Kotaro

  • Elegies - A sampling of melancholic verses from Japanese literature, old and new.
    * Added French text to Nishiwaki's trans. of Song of Love
    * Added Kinoshita Yuji's Hana no Maboroshi "Illusionary flower" nested inside which is Hara Tamiki's

  • Walt Whitman's A Broadway Pageant

    The poem was originally written in 1860 when Whitman witnessed the samurai emissaries parading the streets of New York (the poem originally entitled "The Errand-Bearers" ran in the NY Times. The envoys from the Shogunate were carried across the Pacific on US gunboats and on a vessel named Kanrin-maru.

    Ogden Nash on Japanese immigrants

    A sharp spoof in which the poet expressed anti-immigration sentiment in the hearts of many Californians. (plus: a Nash-Weill song from the musical One Touch of Venus).

    e.e. cummings' poem on nipponized steel

    His epigrammatic on the follies or horrors of war.

    J.R.R. Tolkien

    The map was drawn by Christopher Tolkien based on a drawing made by his father.

    Alice in Wonderland

    The famous nonsense poem has been construed in a myriad different ways: the key to understanding the poem comes from Lewis Carroll's own expounding on the terms, Humpty Dumpty's explanation to Alice, and Martin Gardner's notes from The Annotated Alice.

    is a poem that's written in the shape of a sinuous mouse-tail. Here is my mark-up version using style sheet(css). In several languages.

    Ogden Nash's nonsense poem


    Alas! That is the th mote in God's eye
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