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A limited number of copies of the AMERICAN DIGEST OF BUSINESS MACHINES (1924) is available.  Use the link on the home page to find out how to get your copy.

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One of the most frequent questions I have received is about the value of a given machine. In the "Values" page you will find some guidelines for relating the condition of the machine and how that condition relates to the potential value.

After you have reviewed the conditions area, you can identify the specific machine you have using the machine groupings.  There are many pictures to help you find the type of machine you have. Once you have the machine type identified, use a middle of the value range and apply the condition percentages to get a value.

Example, if the range is from $100-$300, start with $200 and apply the percentage deductions or uplifts for the condition of your machine.

If you are going to attempt to disassemble your machine, be sure to review the FAQs for some hints.

The serial number to date of manufacturer cross reference is now available in the "When was it made?" area.  If you have difficulty finding your serial number just write me at: