A How To Guide to Astrophotography

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Dark Room

     In this guide I will go over the basic aspects of  Astrophotography and it's related subjects
including equipment, camera attachments, basic techniques and the development and the printing
of black and white film

     Astrophotography is not as difficult as you might think. It can be done with little equipment
investment, even with a electronic "smart" point and shoot camera, but I would not advise it until
you gain some experience first.

     The largest difference between regular photography and Astrophotography is that you are
usually taking long exposure photographs of dim objects. Both point source and extended objects
against a dark background. In total, these objects emit a small fraction of the light received by a
regular photograph. To capture a dim image you will be using a fast film, a long exposure or a
method of increasing the sensitivity of your film, or a combination of these.

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